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    Please read these guidelines carefully.

    If you are about to start a new project, tick the box at the base of the page to continue.


    Prevalidator is a crowd validation platform for startup ideas. These guidelines explain Prevalidator’s focus. Projects violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch.

    1. Prevalidator is for startup ideas and concepts only.

      Startups have a clear goal. This is to execute on an idea or concept to produce a new product or service, with the objective of making a profit by charging users for that product or service. A startup can be and generally is open ended. A first phase will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it. The startup will then build on that base to expand the business. Startup ideas must have an element of novelty and innovation. Prevalidator is not available to founders opening businesses which already exist unless there is a genuine new and original twist to the concept. 

    2. Projects must fit Prevalidator’s categories.

      We currently support projects in the categories (software, hardware or services) of  medical, investment, real estate, publishing, toys, automotive, electronics, communications, photography, design, marketing, transport, information technology, food, accomodation, travel, tourism and environment. If you cannot find a category for your startup idea, please contact us with link at the bottom of this page and suggest a new category.

      Design and Technology projects have additional guidelines. If your project is in either of these categories, review them carefully.

      View Design and Technology requirements

      Not everything that involves design or technology is permitted on Prevalidator. We’ve adopted some subjectivity rules to maintain the focus on creative projects:

      • We allow projects from the hacker and maker communities (weekend experiments, 3D printers, CNC machines) and projects that are open source. Software projects should be run by the developers themselves.
      • Prevalidator is a place for products with strong esthetics. 
      • Prevalidator is for projects that can be completed, not things that require maintenance to exist. This means no e-commerce sites, web businesses, or social networking sites. (I.e. Prevalidator wouldn’t be allowed on Prevalidator.)

      In addition, Design and Technology projects in the MVP grade that are developing new hardware or products must show on their project pages a functional prototype — meaning a prototype that currently does at least some of the things a creator says it can do — and detailed information about their experience. Projects in the MVP grade developing new hardware or products are also prohibited from using product simulations, photorealistic product renderings.

      Early Stage grade projects may use product simulations, photorealistic product rendering etc. if they acknowledge they are doing so.

    3. Prohibited uses:
      • No charity or cause ideas

        Examples of prohibited use include raising money for the Red Cross, funding an awareness campaign, funding a scholarship, or promoting the donation of funds raised, or future profits, to a charity or cause.

      • No "fund my life" projects.

        Examples include projects to pay tuition or bills, go on vacation, or buy a new camera.

      • Forbidden content.

        There are some things we don't allow on Prevalidator.

        View prohibited items and subject matter here.

        • Alcohol (prohibited as a reward)
        • Automotive products
        • Baby products
        • Bath and beauty products
        • Contests (entry fees, prize money, within your project to encourage support, etc)
        • Cosmetics
        • Coupons, discounts, and cash-value gift cards
        • Drugs, drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, etc
        • Electronic surveillance equipment
        • Energy drinks
        • Exercise and fitness products
        • Financial incentives (ownership, share of profits, repayment/loans, etc)
        • Firearms, weapons, and knives
        • Health and personal care products
        • Heating and cooling products
        • Home improvement products
        • Infomercial or As-Seen-on-TV type products
        • Medical and safety-related products
        • Multilevel marketing and pyramid programs
        • Nutritional supplements
        • Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, etc)
        • Pet supplies
        • Pornographic material
        • Projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate
        • Projects promoting or glorifying acts of violence
        • Projects using Prevalidator simply to sell existing inventory
        • Raffles, lotteries, and sweepstakes
        • Real estate
        • Rewards in bulk quantities (more than ten of an item)
        • Rewards not directly produced by the project or its creator (no offering things from the garage, repackaged existing products, weekends at the resort, etc)
        • Self-help books, DVDs, CDs, etc

    Have questions? Contact us.

  2. Guidelines: Community Guidelines Top ↑

    Spread the word but don't spam

    Sharing your project with friends, fans, and followers is one thing, but invading inboxes and social networks uninvited is another. Spamming makes you and every other Prevalidator project look bad, and it puts your project in jeopardy of being suspended. Don’t do it.


    What's spam?

    • Emailing or direct messaging strangers about your project
    • Using email lists from third parties or soliciting backers of other Prevalidator projects
    • Sending unsolicited @-replies on Twitter
    • Link-bombing forums
    • Promoting a project on other projects' pages

    Not sure if something is spam? If you have to ask, it probably is. Be respectful and considerate

    This means:

    • Don’t harass or make personal attacks.
    • Don't post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content.
    • Don't post copyrighted content without permission. Only post content that you have the rights to.
    • If you don't like a project, don't back it. No need to be a jerk.


    Violating these rules or our Terms of Use may result in your account being deleted and/or your project being suspended. That's not fun for anyone, so please follow these simple rules very carefully.